Trade Share CFDs

Speculate on specific sectors of the market with shares CFD trading. Take a look on this page to discover all the shares you can trade with us. You can organise the entirety of our shares instrument table by the most traded, most volatile, top risers and top fallers. Our interactive table displays prices in real time as well as shows the past two days percentage change.

Why trade shares? Share trading is one of the most popular forms of trading on offer. Whether that be in stock markets or trading derivatives like CFDs. Join plutotrading and start online stocks and shares trading.

Advantages of CFDs on shares If you trade CFDs on shares you are exempt for stamp duty that you would pay on shares normally. CFDs can be traded on margin, providing greater leverage for your capital, making the markets more accessible. With CFDs you have the ability to short sell, so you can trade both a rising or falling market. Leveraged trading allows you to take greater advantage of smaller moves in the markets. CFD trading can amplify your wins but also your losses, however with zero balance protection, your balance will never fall before zero.